Bendersky Firm develops know-how and recognized expertise in Sports Law through legal practice in the world of sports

Sports law focuses on many extremely specific legal issues. Indeed, the development and professionalisation of sport has led to a growing number of litigation and litigation opportunities in sport. Sports stakeholders (sportsmen, sports federations, clubs, professional leagues, sponsors, sports agents, coaches, sports betting companies, etc.) are confronted with many problems whose treatment requires legal skills that only the lawyer owns.

The constitution of a sports society, the circulation of the professional sportsman, the status of the sports agent, the financing of the sports unions, the access of the athletes to the competitions, doping, exploitation of the rights in the image of the sportsmen , the financing of professional clubs, television broadcasting rights, sport sponsorship contracts, transfer contracts for professional sportsmen … are all subjects that require a good legal mastery that justifies the intervention of specialist lawyers in the field.

In fact, as a lawyer, the assignments entrusted to Bendersky Firm extend to:

Legal advice, to advise and respond to any questions that may arise in the monitoring and evolution of the career path of its clients (sports law and national and international sports regulations)

Legal assistance for the negotiation and drafting of any contractual act:
– transfer contract, – image license agreement (and more broadly personality attributes),
– sponsorship, sponsorship, – partnership contract, Judicial assistance before national and international judicial, administrative and sports courts.

Our law firm specializes in Sports Law and counts with a team of attorneys, doctors, traumatologists, deportologists, and economists to render a highly-specialized service in all areas of law related to sports.

We love sports as much as you and we have decided to be actively involved in the development of sports activity by contributing our experience on the issues related to sports practice.

Any person who practices sports is an athlete, irrespective of the type of sport. Given the particular aspects each sport has, a personalized approach is required.

By entering the universe of each sports athlete, Estudio Bendersky is able to answer the numerous questions and thus provide counsel, and defend our clients who practice sports in any matters related to sports activity.

Our attorneys are particularly focused on the advice and defense of sports athletes, player’s agents, high-level coaches, sports clubs, sports federations, sponsors and sports event organizations.

We represent our clients in any jurisdiction (administrative courts, sports federation discipline courts, and international courts, such as the Court of Arbitration for Sport