The Cabinet assists in the context of the problems they may encounter at the beginning of the employment relationship.

Bendersky Law Firm offers an analysis of your employment contract. This analysis allows you to be informed about your rights either before the signing of the employment contract or after the signature to ensure the compliance of a clause or an amendment.

The firm is also involved in the management of issues related to the beginning of the contractual relationship: renewal of the trial period, termination of the trial period, information and prevention visit

In order to take into account the needs of its customers, the firm has set up support packages to meet the needs of each company.

For any information on the solutions put in place do not hesitate to contact us.

The firm assists companies and employees in all their issues related to labor relations: drafting and amendment of the employment contract, termination of the employment contract, overtime dispute, management of incapacity, establishment of staff representative institutions as well as discrimination and harassment at work.

Your lawyer offers solutions tailored to the needs of each client. In the event of a dispute, your labor lawyer attends you and represents you throughout the proceedings in all jurisdictions

Harassment: Bendersky Law Firm advises and assists you in all procedures aimed at recognizing discrimination or harassment at your workplace.

You are isolated at work and nobody speaks to you anymore, you suffer the incessant and unjustified reproaches of a superior, or else advances or misplaced remarks from a colleague without anyone intervening in spite of your requests in this sense? You are probably experiencing a situation of harassment!. You are definitely being discriminated

No employee may be penalized, dismissed or discriminated against. Discrimination is a measure taken against a person who has no justification and is in fact based on a difference of treatment, compared to employees in the same situation.

We are at your disposal to put in place effective strategies to recognize and stop this situation

Dismissal: Occasionally, the employee could be dismissed for a real and serious cause. However, if it were judicially proved that the cause invoked by the employer was false, it would be condemned to pay the worker the compensation established by the Labor Contract Law in its art. 245, even with a significant increase.

Hours of work and overtime payments: your labor lawyer helps you to find your way!

Your intervening employment lawyer has already had to deal with many disputes relating to overtime and more generally to hours of work for both employees and employers.

His experience ensures you a follow-up and assistance in all serenity!

Many times you have worked tirelessly over time and fatigue, far exceeding your end time, without receiving payment for what you feel is overtime at the end of the month.

In the opposite case, your employee asks you for the payment of overtime

Your lawyer specialized in labor law, may be essential to see more clearly, defend your rights and avoid being harmed.

The proof of overtime is a crucial aspect of overtime litigation.

Since the proof of overtime is difficult for the employee to provide, the legislator has provided for an adjustment of the burden of proof: the employee must provide sufficiently precise information that may indicate that he has worked overtime. In view of these elements, the employer must provide proof of the hours actually worked by the employee.

This is the reason why employers must organize an effective control of the hours worked by their employees.

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Collective labor relations. Estudio Bendersky advises you and assists you step by step in all your issues of collective working relationships.

Each company must set up representative staff institutions through elections

From these elections, collective relations play a major role in the life of the company in the defense of employees but also to improve working conditions.

 Protection of staff representatives

In order to protect employees with an employee representation mandate, they are protected against reprisals by the employer.

These employees are commonly referred to as “protected employees” because of the protection attached to their mandate against dismissal.

Be careful however, protection does not mean impunity and protected employees are therefore subject to dismissal since the dismissal is not related to the employee’s mandate.

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