• Work Accidents

    To be advised by a professional with a double degree as a lawyer and as an expert in medical law represents a great advantage.

  • Car Accidents

    You should consult with a specialized attorney, who will guide you through the process. Firstly, the attorney will contact the relevant police station with jurisdiction over the event.

  • Sports Law

    Bendersky Firm develops know-how and recognized expertise in Sports Law through legal practice in the world of sports

  • Aviation Law

    Selling more seats than a plane has is a common practice in the world of airlines, from the smallest to the most important.

  • Labor law

    The Cabinet assists in the context of the problems they may encounter at the beginning of the employment relationship.

  • Amparo

    An *Amparo* action is a summary proceeding which serves to guarantee consttutional rights.


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Other services

Opinions and Reports

The legal or legal opinion is an opinion issued by a specialized body, after making a detailed analysis of a specific legal situation, considering the current rules and provided the possible solution of the case. Identical definition applies to the regime binding consultations.
A medical or legal expert report is the final result of the medical work, in which they gather all the points of interest for a person or organizations, related to the assessment of the consequences of the harmful act on the individual. It implies, exposing the extent of the injuries suffered, the resulting sequelae, the possibilities of recovery, the labor repercussion, as well as the explanation of the processes followed to reach the stabilization of the injuries or the healing

Pension Benefits

  • Retirement: With contributions in relation of dependence. Autonomous Mixed With or without a moratorium. Pensions RTI. (Withdrawals and retirement due to disability. – Disability.
  • Retirements from unhealthy jobs, with differential regimes (transport, refrigerators, ovens). Special decrees regarding unhealthy tasks.
  • Universal Pension (PUAN) for foreigners, women and men, who have more than 20 years of proven residence in Argentina and over 65 years of age.
  • Historical reparation of the credit. Transactional agreements and approval
  • Readjustments of the pension fund. Adjustment judgments

Family right

We advise and assume the representation of our clients in any problem that arises inherent to family life (divorce, personal separation, civil union, parental authority, filiation, adoption).

BENDERSKY LAWYERS will accompany you when it comes to arranging the residence and education of your children, the right to visit the non-partner, analyzing with you topics such as: the allocation of family housing, the distribution of assets and debts, a division that usually generates important consequences on the heritage